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🌙🌿ITS A SUPER TONIC‼️ Cold and flu season is vastly approaching 🤧 Let Crunchy Lune help you stay well with our Super Tonic! Here are some of the many things this tonic will help with: ✅Helps to get rid of colds and viruses ✅Helps prevent and fight cancer ✅Antibacterial ✅Loaded with Antioxidants ✅Aids digestion ✅Flushes toxins ✅Strengthens immune system ✅Helps with Sinus infection ✅Relieves inflammation ✅Clears mucus ✅Helps with urinary tract infection ✅Natural antibiotics ✅Reduces blood pressure ✅Lowers cholesterol ✅Lowers heart disease ✅Detoxes heavy metals in the body ✅Improves bone health ✅Fight infections

Spicy Super Tonic (4oz)

SKU: 0005

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