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The hands behind the products


Meet Jasmine

"For many lives I was the healer, the witch doctor, the nurture of laboring women and new moms. I'd sing songs to the children and lead dances around the bonfire. I connected with divine and I took care of its people. This is me- in my element" 


I am about all things crunchy! In 2013 I stopped using chemical laden products and taking pharmaceutical drugs. Instead, I began making my own holistic medicines and household products to keep my family healthy and flourishing. I believe that nature gives us everything we need to stay well both inside and out. As I've grown on my journey of healing and self discovery, I believe even more that the items we use on a daily basis should be simple and align us with our higher selves. By connecting with nature, I've gained a deeper understanding of how it's all tied together. During this pandemic I feel more called than ever to share my gifts with the world to help promote a healthier community. 

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